When do you suggest we start-up our consumer?

We recommend that you should start up your consumer at the beginning of the day and close the consumer at the end of the day according to the table below. Starting and closing your consumers daily will mitigate the chances of transient errors due to general maintenance.

System Feeds Startup Time (EST) Shutdown time (EST)
Nasdaq Equities Totalview Itch 3:00am 8:05pm 

QBBO 3:00am 8:05pm

BX Equities Totalview Itch 3:05am 6:45pm

QBBO 3:05am 6:45pm 

Last Sale 3:05am 7:05pm

PSX Equities Totalview Itch 3:05am 5:05pm

QBBO 3:05am 5:05pm

Last Sale 3:05am 5:05pm

NLS+ NLS+ CTA 2:00am 8:30pm

NLS+ UTP 2:00am 8:30pm

UF CTA/A 12:00am 8:35pm

CTA/B 12:00am 8:35pm

UTP 12:00am 8:35pm


Sunday 7:10pm

Monday 7:10pm...

Thursday 7:10pm

Monday 6:40pm

Tuesday 6:40pm...

Friday 6:40pm

Nasdaq Fund Network
ORPA UF Smart Options 1:15am 7:35pm
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