We would like to partner with Nasdaq Data Link to distribute our real-time data? What information do you need to kick off the engagement?

To start the effort, we'll need details around the following areas: 

  • Data & Messages 
    • average number of messages per day 
    • average size of message 
    • 1 millisecond peak message rate (in last 6 months) 
    • 1 second per peak rate (in last 6 months) 
  • Data Pipeline 
    • Do you operate in the cloud or in own datacenter? 
    • Do you already send data to the cloud? 
    • What protocols and message formats are in use (ITCH, SOUP, FIX, etc)? 
    • Is the expectation that they will push the data to Nasdaq Data Link or will Nasdaq Data Link fetch data from their system?
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