What are the available Okta MFA methods I can use? How do I set up my MFA method?

Setting up your MFA method is easy. When you set up your MFA method, you can select from these options:

Select the desired MFA method and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.

It is highly recommended that you use a mobile phone to authenticate your session. When choosing this method, you are required to have the Okta Verify app, which will then push notifications to your phone when your session needs to be authenticated.

Another method is by using the Authenticator extension, which can be used to verify your session. When prompted to select iPhone or Android, it does not matter which one you choose. This will then allow you to get the QR code to authenticate your session.

Alternatively, there are physical authenticators that you can purchase, if this is preferable.

In the event that you get locked out of your MFA method, please contact us at clientsuccess@nasdaq.com for assistance. We will be with you within 1 business day.

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