How do I get percentage changes instead of absolute levels in my Python data download?

Note that each data feed on Nasdaq Data Link is delivered through one of the following Nasdaq data Link APIs:

  • Streaming API for real-time data
  • REST API for real-time or delayed data
  • REST API for time-series
  • REST API for tables

You can learn more about these APIs and data formats here.

The Nasdaq Data Link Python library may only be used with data delivered through the REST API for time-series or the REST API for tables.

Please do not confuse the Nasdaq Data Link Python library with the Python SDK for the Streaming API.

To transform absolute levels to percentage changes, please use the  transform="rdiff" parameter, like this:

data = nasdaqdatalink.get("XNAS/ACIW", transform="rdiff")
Please see here for other possible transformations for time-series data. Please see here for other examples of Python commands with time-series data.
There is no transform= parameter for data in tables format. For tables, we recommend downloading the raw data and carrying out the required transformation using your own analytics tool.
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