How do I download the last few rows of a time-series using Python?

Note that data on Nasdaq Data Link comes in two formats:  time-series and tables. You can learn more about these formats here.

If you want the last few rows from an individual time-series, use the rows= parameter to get only the most recent rows of data.

For example, if you are using the NASDAQ Stock Market Prices (XNAS) data feed and want the latest 5 rows for the AAPL time-series, you can use a Python command like this: 

data = quandl.get("XNAS/ACIW", rows=5, sort_order="desc")

The above command will return the latest 5 rows from the XNAS/ACIW time-series in descending order because rows=5 and sort_order="desc".

To see other parameters for individual time-series, please see the documentation here. To see other examples of Python commands for time-series data, please see here

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