Why can’t I subscribe to certain data feeds?

If you are viewing pricing for different data feeds on Nasdaq Data Link, you may have noticed that certain data feeds only show a "Contact Sales" button. This is because pricing for these feeds is highly customized depending on your use case. Therefore, we ask that you contact our sales team and explain your use case so that we may provide you with a quote.  

The pricing pages for certain data feeds may also show this message:  
Sorry, Nasdaq Data Link and the publisher are only able to license this product for select use-cases. Please contact us and provide more information about your firm and how you plan on using the data. Our sales team will be in touch as soon as possible.

We show the above message for data feeds that are for institutional use only, as per our agreement with the provider of these feeds. These feeds are not available for academic or personal use. If you are an individual and are interested in gaining an institutional license e.g. via your workplace, please contact us and provide details about your firm and your use case. We will then advise you on licensing and pricing based on your exact use case. 

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