How do I install the Excel Add-In?

Note that each data feed on Nasdaq Data Link is delivered through one of the following Nasdaq data Link APIs:

  • Streaming API for real-time data
  • REST API for real-time or delayed data
  • REST API for time-series
  • REST API for tables

You can learn more about these APIs, data formats and authentication here.

The Excel Add-in only works with data that is delivered through the REST API for time-series or the REST API for tables. The Excel Add-in works with Windows and the desktop versions of Excel 2013, 2016 and 2019. The Excel Add-In is not compatible with online versions of Excel, and it is not currently compatible with Mac.

To download data using the Excel Add-In, you first have to download and install the Excel Add-In as per the instructions  here.

See here for instructions on how to use the Excel Add-In with data in time-series format. 

See here for instructions on how to use the Excel Add-In with data in tables format. 

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