How often is the data on Nasdaq Data Link refreshed or updated?

Nasdaq Data Link offers both free and premium data - you can learn about the differences here

Free data

Free data feeds do not have any regular, guaranteed update times; however, we do try to update free data as soon as possible after the original sources publish new data. 

Premium data

Premium data feeds have regular, guaranteed update times so that users can plan their business processes around these updates.

Premium data feeds have different update times which are stated in the Documentation for each premium data feed. For example, if you go to the product page for the Retail Trading Activity Tracker (RTAT) data feed, you can click on Documentation at the top. That will lead you here, where it states that the data is updated at 6 AM ET Tuesday to Saturday, following each trading day, i.e., a reporting lag of less than 1 business day.

Note that each data feed on Nasdaq Data Link is delivered through one of the following Nasdaq data Link APIs:

  • Streaming API for real-time data
  • REST API for real-time or delayed data
  • REST API for tables

You can learn more about these APIs, data formats and authentication here.

Data feeds that are described as "real-time" update on a real-time basis.

For data feeds that use the REST API for tables, it is possible to make API calls to see when the data was last refreshed:


To check when a table was last refreshed, you can make a metadata API call for that specific table, like this:

The above call will return metadata for the SHARADAR/SEP table.  One of the metadata fields is "refreshed_at" which shows the time in UTC at which the data and/or metadata of this table was most recently refreshed. 

Please note that just because a table was "refreshed" at a particular time, it does not necessarily mean any new, updated data was added at that time. 

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