Why does Wiki Prices only go up to March 2018?

The free Wiki Prices data feed was deprecated in 2018 and therefore only provides data going up to March 2018. 

WIKIP was a community-maintained data feed based on public sources. Unfortunately, one of the main sources of that data is no longer available, and our community volunteers have been unable to find a suitable alternative source. As a result, the Wiki Prices data feed is a lot less reliable, with potentially missing or incorrect data or delayed updates. We continue to host this data feed on Quandl, but we no longer recommend using it for investment or analysis. Unfortunately, we don't have any free stock price data feeds that can replace Wiki Prices at this time, therefore we recommend exploring the premium End of Day US Stock Prices (EOD) and Sharadar Equity Prices (SEP) data feeds.

End of Day US Stock Prices (EOD)

  • Documentation: https://data.nasdaq.com/databases/EOD/documentation
  • EOD only covers active stocks trading on the Nasdaq, NYSE and NYSE Arca. It does not cover any other exchange such as OTC, OTCBB and BATS. It does not cover delisted tickers. 
  • History: 1996 to present
  • Adjustments: Includes unadjusted and adjusted open, high, low, close, volume. Adjusted for both dividends and splits. Includes dividend and split history.
  • Update frequency: Updated by 5:00 PM ET, with exchange corrections being applied by 9:30 PM ET.

Sharadar Equity Prices (SEP)

  • Documentation: https://data.nasdaq.com/databases/SEP/documentation
  • SEP covers both active and delisted stocks.
  • History: 1998 to present
  • Adjustments:  Provides split-adjusted Open, High, Low, Close, Volume and Dividends. Provides unadjusted close, but no other unadjusted prices. Includes dividend history.
  • Update frequency: Updated by 5:30 PM ET with exchange volume adjustments applied by 11pm ET.
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